Yumbo Von Der Alten Frestung X Nubia Crni Lotos

Multi V-1, V Rated Ciana was a natural beauty. She loved the show ring and was such a sweet girl. I really enjoyed our trips together. She was a true blessing and a fun girl out on the road. 

Nelson is line bred on World Champion Astor von Juniper pedigree.  Sire Yumbo von der Alten Festung Dame Genworks Hazel.  Nelson has produced some beautiful pups and continues to prove himself.  We are proud to say he is back at BET Rottweilers to stay. CHIC# 125957 Hips: RO-77036E44M-VPI Excellent 
Elbows: DJD1 Heart:RO-CA7637/40M/P-VPI Clear/Normal Eyes: RO-EYE1715/40M-PI JLPP: Normal/Clear 

Ivy Von Der Mulbachstrasse

Some are retired and some have crossed over rainbow bridge, but All have shown me unconditional love from the heart. They each have a special place in my heart and will live on in the memories that we share together. 

Our little Popcorn- Gone but not forgotten. Personal Protection Trained, she loved to work. She will be greatly missed. 

Genworks Tara Vom B.E.T.


​12 years old

International Champion Ciana Von Heidelberg

I have owned many, but this girl right here had my back. She was the best. I can not say enough good things about her. She was my heart!

RIP Gemma Jo you will always be my number one.

Gemma was 13 and pasted away at home here in Huntsville of Hemangiosarcoma. The new kennel Gemma's House" is dedicated to Gemma in her memory and honor.   

11-01-09 - 11-08-2022

One of my BEST ever producers. Tara was a great mom and was such a sweet soul. 

We were devastated at the news. Ostiosarcoma. Rest in peace beautiful girl, you were one of a kind and are deeply missed each day. 

Genworks Nelson Vom B.E.T.

​10 years old

Genworks QT Vom BET in her forever home in Mississippi. 


Elvis Von Der Muhlbachstrasse (Germany) X​ Doxa Earl Antonious (Serbia)
DOB 10/09/2011- Luka is a super male out of the Milspead kennel. He was my first import from Serbia.  Luka is the best tempered male I have owned with an exceptional head piece. He is very large and strong boned with great pigmentation.  
Hips: RO-73746G24M-VPI Good
Elbows: RO-EL9468M24-VPI Normal
Heart: Clear (Echo)

Gemma RIP sweet girl. We love and miss you. You taught us so much. 

DVA or Diva was our spunky girl that was always ready to play. She is missed by us all.  RIP Miss D and go chase them balls. 

Moses a Luka son owned by Amy. Gone too soon. 

Krissy and Buddy (Littermates)

Babydoll vom B.E.T.  

​8 years old