July 2017 Elizabeth showed 2 days at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows.  She got 1st in her class and 1st in Sweepstakes!  We are very proud of our girl!


Hips- Good

Elbows Lt-Normal Rt G-1

Heart -Clear


Uni is our new girl that is a true beauty. She is Co-owned with Mary Gentlesk. 

Hannah is 3 months old here.  We are watching her grow.

Genworks QT Vom B.E.T.

Panther Von Der Alten Festung x Lakopa Crni Lotos


RKNA Lone Star Rottweiler Klub Nov 2017

Judge: Lex Quartel

Medium to Large sized female. Very good top line. Sufficient substance.  Sufficient bottom line.  Slightly drawn up flanks. Correct chest and sufficient fore-chest.  Good female head, harmonius with body.  Good skull.  Good muzzle. Medium-sized to large ears.  Complete sissors bite.  Dark brown eyes.  Correct form.  Good angulation in front and very good in rear.  Well-formed feet.  Double coat and brown markings.  Movement is very good.  Good drive, slightly loose in shoulders. Correct reach. Very good.  V3

Baby Doll Vom B.E.T.

Karlos Von Hause Kigen X Ciana Von Heidelberg

B.E.T.'s Harvey's Havoc

Luka Von Hause Milsped X Baby Doll Vom B.E.T.

Catori Vom B.E.T.

DOB 9/11/16  Liz is a daughter of Panther Von Der Alten Festung and Ivy Von Der Muhlbachstrasse.  She has high drive and is very agile. She is a new hope in our kennel keeping old German lines alive. 

Baby Doll is a beautiful 2 year old female bred by BET with imported semen from Vom Hause Kigen of Serbia.  Our friends at the Kigen Kennel sent Karlos semen and Baby Doll is the result. She is a very strong and powerful girl. 

Gemma Jo is my sweet girl that is Personal Protection trained. She is the best mentally.  Very level headed with the love in her heart to play for hours with the kids, but yet turn on drive and she is all go.  I had considered her for many other sports as well due to her will to learn and dedication.  Gemma is my heart dog that is at my side continuously and is such blessing to own.  

DNA Profile V744370

Hips RO-74742G24F-VPI Good

Elbows Bilateral Grade 1

Heart RO-CA6536/24F/P-VPI Normal

JLPP Normal/Clear

Ivy Von Der Muhlbachstrasse

​import from Germany

Elvis Von Der Muhlbachstrasse X  Felice Von Der Bleichstrasse

Ivy is my little fire cracker that is very

high driven, She is an Elvis daughter. She is 

Personal Protection trained and is all about work!

International Champion Ciana Von Heidelberg

Yumbo Von Der Alten Frestung X Nubia Crni Lotos

Multi V-1, V Rated Ciana is a natural beauty. She loves the show ring and is such a sweet girl. I really enjoy our trips together. She is a true blessing. 


Thank you for visiting BET Rottweilers.  We take pride in our Rottweilers and breeding.  Please do your research before purchasing a puppy. Rottweilers require a lot of work and dedication to the breed.  We want our clients happy with our puppies and more importantly,  knowledgeable of the breed itself.  Some informative sites are:





Uni at her first show Fort Bend Kennel Club 1/20-23/2017 She won Sweepstakes 1st place, a second place and then two more 1st place.  She was the crowds favorite. 

Best of Winners!

Navasota, Tx


Catori Vom B.E.T.

DOB 11/16/2015

Luka Von Hause Milsped x Ciana Von Heidelberg

Genworks Uni Vom B.E.T. 

Genworks Hazel X CH. Genworks Smokin' Joe


***BEST OF BREED 7 months old***

DNA: V744368

Hips: RO-74824G24F-VPI


Elbows: RO-EL10186F24-VPI Normal

Heart: RO-CA6613/24F/P-VPI Normal

DNA: V681536

Hips: RO-72152G24F-VPI Good

Heart: RO-CA6450/59F/P-VPI Normal

Gemma Von Tatum Haus, CGC  

Retired 8 years old

Ciana's Critiques

Judge: Werner Walter- Medium size, strong bones, strong head, very good stop, dark brown eyes, medium sized correctly carried ears, strong neck, little loose skin on neck, very well developed chest, straight front, straight top line, well muscled rear, free movement, coat and color correct, scissors bite. VP1, Best Female Puppy

Judge: Gerard O'Shea-Normal size, correct substance, feminine head of good expression, correct skull, sufficient muzzle, medium dark eye, excellent ear and lip line, scissors bite, correct neck, withers and underline, very good ribbing in fore chest, slightly long in loin, straight fore hand, strong in feet, well balanced angulations, steep in pelvis, natural tail, medium to good reach in drive, needs to settle. VP2

Judge: H. J. Radtke- Good height with good bone strength, calm attentive, good head with good muzzle, brown eyes, medium sized ears that are carried correctly, a little throaty, very good chest dept with width, front and rear very good angulation, coarse coat with brown markings, tail carried down while standing, very good movement. VP1

International All-Breed Canine Association:

Judge: Erika K Moureau USA - Overall Impression Nice Bitch, Coat well marked, Feminine head, full dentition, dark eyes, small ears, front and hind straight, natural well set tail, top line level and movement good.  V1

Judge: Danelle M Brown USA Overall Impression Excellent Condition, Good Substance, Coat correct markings and healthy, Good proportion, Full dentition, Eyes medium size and almond shape, ears well set, chest deep and broad, moderate angulation and good bone, back quarters in harmony with front, Tail natural well set, Topline level and strong, Movement balenced, clean coming and going. V1

Judge: Jean Pero- Int. USA Overall impression Very nice Bitch, Young. Coat straight, Dk Black, head medium with correct ratio, Scissors bite, Eyes dark and a little rounded, ears good set, Chest well developed, Front straight with slight toe out,  back quarters strong, Tail correct set and length, Topline firm a little long, Ground covering movement.  V1

Nelson Huber- Int. USA Overall impression Good balance, Good coat, too much stop at this age, Good Bite, Eyes dark a bit round, Ear placement OK Chest has good depth, Good reach in front, Nice driven rear, Natural tail, Top line ok, moves straight coming and going.  V1 International Champion!!!!

​1 year old

QT is a beautiful girl that has done very well in the show ring. She is very pretty and has a spectacular disposition to match. QT have nice drive and is a very loving Rottie.  She is a real eye catcher everywhere she goes.  We love this girl!