Litter S

CH. Srdjan Von Hause Milspled


B.E.T.'s Harvey's Havoc

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B.E.T.'s Harvey Couldn't Have Me

B.E.T.'s Su Sussudio

Health checked, Certifications, and Superior C​are for our adults and puppies is our standard. Through the years we have learned many things about the care of the Rottweiler.  Research your breeder, see the years of experience, ask for health certifications as well. Environment and diet do play an important part of your dogs life.  The love and care they get is their life. 

Litters and Future Breedings

B.E.T.'s Harvey's Havoc

B Litter 2015

M Litter was beautiful!!!

Born 12/25/2018

Luka Von Hause Milsped  X  Ciana Von Heidelberg 

C- Litter

2012 Litter Harkon & Krissy

O Litter Born 11/25/19 

Baby Doll is a Karlos Von Haus Kigen Grand daughter.

Butzi at 9 weeks and 9 months.

 Luka x Boulet

2011 Litter Gemma & Buddy

K LItter

​Q Litter 2020

Moses is a beautiful male sired by Luka out of Nubia. 

​Our Litter A- 2014 

Previous Breedings

H Litter :

Born in Hurricane Harvey. 

These babies were miracles. 

Litter "F" 



Hope Vom B.E.T.

Tara and TK's Mike Tyson 3/19/2020

11 beautiful puppies born from imported semen.

X Litter 2021 

BET'S Harveys Havoc X Savage De Yolcris

V Litter

March 2021 

I litter

Genworks Tara Vom B.E.T


Genworks Nelson Vom B.E.T.

Litter L   Luka and Tara:

​Luka von hause Milsped

(Elvis VOn Der Muhlbachstrasse x Doxa Earl Antonius) 


Genworks Tara Vom B.E.T.

(Edge Vom Carrabba Haus x Bridget J. Von Der Alten Festung)

Litter T

Co-Owned with Hugo Martinez


N Litter

Sweet little ones with beautiful type. 

P Litter

BET's Harveys Havoc X Genworks Nelson Vom BET


Nikko is out of this beautiful litter. 9/01/2019




Litter "E"

U litter! 


B.E.T.'s Reina X Savage De Yolcris

Z litter

Litter R

Baby Doll X Messi 

April 2021

2 year old Male for Sale

3 year old Male for Sale

Serious Inquiries Only

2013 Litter 

J LITTER 1/26/2018

We believe in doing our home work as a breeder.  Putting 2 dogs together because they "Look Awesome" is not the answer. Breeding is a skill. It is hours of researching pedigrees and time looking at previous outcomes between breedings.  Many breeders these days are breeding unhealthy dogs because they look nice.  This is not the way a reputable breeder should be. We here at BET refuse to compromise health for type (the looks of a dog).  We strive to stay informed on current pedigrees being bred and we use our best judgement on who to breed to when out-crossing.  Barbara has poured hours of time and reasearch into each litter. She has studied and completed many different certifications through AKC reguarding breeding.  When doing your reasearch for a puppy, look for knowledgeable breeders that have done their homework.  

Ivy x Magnum boy at 1 year.

Panther X Ivy 

​Diva x Nelson

W Litter

Litter Y    2021

Babydoll v B.E.T. X Savage De Yolcris