B.E.T. Rottweilers

Great structure and Temperament 

We import for great genetics reaching back to Germany and Europe which is their origin. 


D.O.B.: 05. 20. 2012.
Pedigree number:  HR16088RW
AKC # WS48094601
DNA # V737822
Microchipnumber: 191100000546952
Eyes: 1b
Height: 67 cm
OFA Elbows- Normal ROEL9896M26-VPI
OFA Hips- Good RO-74415G26M-VPI
OFA Heart- Clear RO-CA6339/26M/C-VPI
OFA Eyes- Clear RO-EYE578/26M-VPI

ADRK certificate of HD & ED
OFA CHIC # 100110



Overall Impression: Solid Dog, Proper markings, head large and blocky,  Full dentation with sissor bite, eyes dark, ears set well, broad chest, front quarters straight with good bone, back quarters good angles, natural tail, top line level, with movement very well.  Erika K. Moureau- USA 

Medium sized, Medium bone and strength, good head with a good muzzle, cheekbones could be a little fuller, correct carried ears, brown eyes, lips and gums are dark, good chest proportions, angulations in front and back are good, correct double coat with brown markings, chest marking can be more clear, tail hangs, normal movement. V3 Intermediate class (15-24 months) Males. Hans Radke, ADRK

Balanced and Masculine overall appearance. Skull and muzzle are in correct relation. The dog should show a little more cheekbone.  Eyes and mouth are dark.  Medium forechest.  Topline quite straight, excellent underline. Croup and tail well set.  Legs standing parallel. Hind quarters working close together during the trotting action. Correct coat and markings. Dog should show a bit more drive while moving, Friendly behavior. Excellent. V4 Intermediate class (15-24 months) Males. Prof.Dr. Peter Friedrich


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Srdjan's Sire and Dame

Magnum's Critique 

Judge: Miomir Maric- Good size, good bone structure, calm, strong neck, well formed head, medium size ears, very well carried, dark brown almond shaped eyes, good stop, strong muzzle, cheek bones should be better pronounced, medium-dark pigment, good fore chest, good front, good leg bones, paws are well positioned, elbows are well positioned, very good top line and underline, correct rear angulation, tail carried naturally, good markings, very good coat. A little over-built at rear, free movement, scissor bite. 3/8/14 V1

Judge: Anton Spindler- Scissor bite, dark brown mouth pigmentation, tall, good substance, alert, medium cheekbones, brown eyes, very good skull, nice correct ears, line is straight in the front, correct strong rear end, very nice short coat, brown clear markings, Free movement with a medium drive from the rear end. 3/9/14 V1

I was privileged Spring of 2014 to meet Magnum's Sire...........

Luka Von Haus Milsped

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Houston World Series of Dog Shows

July 2016 *** Major Win in home town!!! 

We couldn't be more proud.

We are privileged to have Panther at B.E.T. Rottweilers. He is an amazing boy with great temperament, substance and structure.

B.E.T.'s Standing STUDS

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​Int. CH. ​Srdjan Von Hause Milsped

Stud service: Chilled and Natural tie semen available

2X World CH Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer  X  Zorion VOn Der Alten Frestung 

​​D.O.B. 8/20/13 Magnum is a Multi-V1 Rated son of World CH. Imperator.  He is very tall with great size and drive.  Magnum is the up and coming star in our kennel. He is magnificent. ​​

To Approved Females of Merit

Chilled and Natural tie


Hips: Good  RO-76053G27M-VPI 

Elbows: Normal  RO-EL11004M26-VPI

Heart: Normal  RO-CA7328/26M/P-VPI

Some of Srdjan's wins......

1st Place Puppy 4-6 Month 2nd Place Variety Conroe Kennel Club 

1st Place Puppy 6-9 Months Ft. Bend Kennel Club 2nd in Group 2015 

V1 9-12 months RKNA Phoenix Rotttweiler Club 2015

​Multi 1st Place ratings with AKC and other Kennel CLubs

V3 Miami RKNA 2016,  V4 Miami RKNA 2016

1st Place/Best of Winners - Male Open La Porte Tx 4/10/16

​1st Place/Best of Winners-  Male Open Dallas Tx Bexar County KC. July 2016

1st Place/Winners Dog - World Series of Dog Shows Houston Tx. 2016

V1 IABCA -Judge- Falicity Trammell-USA

V1 IABCA -Judge Erica Moureau- USA

V1 IABCA -Judge Juliann Bitter-  INT, USA

V1 IABCA -Judge Luane Williams- USA 

Luka Von Hause Milsped

Int. CH Elvis Von Der Muhlbachstrasse

Doxa Earl Antonious

D.O.B. 10/09/11  A super male out of the Milsped Kennel in Serbia. Luka is the best tempered male I have ever owned, with an exceptional head piece. He is very large and strong boned with great pigmentation.  Truly an asset to any breeding.  


Hips-RO-73746G24M-VPI Good

Elbows-RO-EL9468M24-VPI Normal

Heart: Clear (Echo)

Panther Von Der Alten Festung

Standing at B.E.T. Rottweilers

​Frozen * Chilled * Natural Tie